Drake Patrick Mirembe (PhD)

ICT& Management Consultant, Innovations & Cyber Security Specialist, Data Scientist, Business & Technology Entrepreneur, Christian & Farmer

Study on the State of ICT4Agric in Uganda

Study on the State of ICT4Agric in Uganda

Project Description:

A noticeable number of ICT4agriculture innovations have been developed in the country for the last couple of years. However, this very lack of coherent information about these innovation and their general impact to the sector. This research which conducted within a research collaboration framework between academia and Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) seeks to document the state of ICT4Agriculture in Uganda.

The study seeks to establish the current state of ICT4Agri innovations in the country. A review of local initiatives in ICT4agriculture focusing on improving agriculture productivity through a number of interventions aimed at; access, advice, surveillance, diagnosis, information dissemination, as well as a focus on market linkages and marketing, and mobile money will be done. Case studies on some widely mentioned innovations will be done. The specific objectives of the study are as follows:
1. Highlight the current state of ICTs in Uganda’s agricultural sector;
2. Collate quantitative data on ICT innovations for agriculture; and
3. Assess the ICT in Agriculture policy and its regulatory environment
4. Highlight some key lessons from countries in the region on their approach to ICT4Agric
5. Propose a framework of ICT integration in Uganda’s Agriculture sector

Organisation / Company: Uganda Communications Commission

Project Year: 2019