Drake Patrick Mirembe (PhD)

ICT& Management Consultant, Innovations & Cyber Security Specialist, Data Scientist, Business & Technology Entrepreneur, Christian & Farmer

Management and Organizational Efficiency: Exploring Current Trends and Practices:

The Authors:

Drake Mirembe, Jude T. Lubega, Basheka Benon

Publication Type: Conference Paper

Year of Publication: 2018


Poor operation of water supply infrastructure has remained a daunting enigma to effective provision of services to the urban population, especially in the developing world (Kayaga et al, 2009). This has retarded global efforts in improving access to water supply services to vast populations in need. Globally, over 1.1 billion people still have no access to safe water and 80 per cent of these live in Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Asia and Latin America (World Health Organization [WHO], 2007). As of the year 2010, over 50 per cent of the world population (3.3 billion people) was urban and this is projected to shoot to over 5 billion people by 2030, with most of the growth occurring in the smaller cities of developing countries (WHO, 2008; Nchito, 2010; United Nations [UN], 2014). This trend underscores the need for concerted efforts in the improvement of services in the small towns of the developing world